Providing Visibility into the Invisible

Through award-winning, next-generation, wireless network security solutions and services, 802 Secure helps enterprises safely deploy and benefit from innovative, wireless and "internet of things" (IoT) enabled business processes and technologies.


Challenges of Wireless and IoT

Organizations are adopting Wi-Fi and IoT enabled business processes and technologies that promise great gains in productivity and results. However, the massive numbers and the enormous diversity of connected but vulnerable devices have made security challenging.

Facing new attack methods, tools, and threats from advanced malware delivered wirelessly, businesses struggle to manage the security risks that Wi-Fi and IoT technologies present to the network infrastructure. Today's security tools are simply too reactive or limited to defend the mobile, connected enterprise.

With next-generation wireless networking security solutions and services, 802 Secure helps enterprises finally realize the benefits of wireless networks and IoT.

802 Secure™ Solutions and Professional Services

Providing "visibility into the invisible," 802 Secure protects the enterprise through a comprehensive suite of wireless network security solutions and services.

The AirShield℠ Solution

AirShield is the enterprise class cloud-based security solution for wireless LAN and IoT. The AirShield solution identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes risks, mitigates advanced attacks, accelerates threat response, and supports forensic analysis. These capabilities help security personnel proactively resolve wireless network and device vulnerabilities before data loss or security incidents can occur.

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802 Secure Professional Services

Professional services as an individual service or a component of a complete solution help enterprises extract greater value from their investments in wireless networking and security:

  • Wireless Network and IoT Security Testing:
    Strengthened and validated enterprise security through simulated, real-world attacks.

  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Planning and Design:
    Customized wireless network designs for enterprise-specific environments.

  • AirDecoy℠ Deceptive Network Optimization:
    Customized design and delivery of an authentic, high-interaction AirDecoy deceptive networking environment for use in an enterprise-specific AirShield deployment.

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Talk about 802 Secure and the Industry

Been working with the 802 Secure team now for two years and the solution is simply getting better and better. I like the proactive wireless security control validations plus the AirDecoy . . . proved very useful in diverting attacks to a non-production network.

Director of Security Operations Global Hospitality and Entertainment Company

. . . A new proactive wireless security product, . . . unique approach will fill a large gap in the world of wireless security . . . Count me in.

Chief Information Officer Global Media Company

ABI Research estimates that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things by 2020 1 . With the ‘inter-connectivity of everything’ becoming the next information revolution, new risks and threats are upon us, and our partnerships with AT&T, Optiv and Carahsoft will be crucial in helping our customers.

Garry Drummond 802 Secure CEO