The AirShield℠Solution

Securing Enterprise Wireless LAN Networks and IoT

AirShield℠ is the enterprise class cloud-based security solution for wireless LAN and IoT. The AirShield solution identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes risks, mitigates advanced attacks, accelerates threat response, and supports forensic analysis. These capabilities help security personnel proactively resolve wireless network and device vulnerabilities before data loss or security incidents can occur.

The AirShield solution integrates radio frequency (RF) sensors featuring SDR AirScan™ continuous, real-time, broad-spectrum scanning and monitoring technologies, with 802 Secure Cloud featuring the AirDecoy℠ deceptive network service, attack profiling, and threat intelligence database. A cloud management console aggregates and presents device and network data through an intuitive dashboard interface, or exports the data to SIEM and log management systems for further analysis or forensics.

Implement Multi-Layered Security Best Practices

With the AirShield solution, enterprises can now gain comprehensive and insightful visibility into virtually every device and wireless activity in and about the enterprise wireless networking environment.

Comprehensive Visibility of Vulnerabilities and Risks

Identify the numerous, diverse, devices and communications protocols across the broad radio frequency spectrum of the enterprise wireless networking environment. With comprehensive “visibility into the invisible,” proactive vulnerability assessment identifies and prioritizes associated security risks, and remediates issues prior to loss or incident.

Continuous, Proactive Policy Enforcement

Execute continuous, real-time policy enforcement through comprehensive auditing and measuring to identify “what is there” vs. “what is expected.”

Next Generation Security to Mitigate Attacks

Implement signature-less, intrusion deception with a target aware deceptive network that lures attacks into a honeynet environment that contains, tracks, and profiles the entire life-cycle of attacks to gather real threat intelligence.

Exportable Data for Intelligent Forensics

Export auditing data to any security, security information and event management (SIEM) and log management systems for centralized alerts, event management, forensic analysis, or automated policy generation. Enterprises can accelerate incident response, improve policies, and harden wireless networking security.

The AirShield Solution: Enterprise Advantage

Scales to Enterprise-wide Deployment

Non-intrusive to an enterprise production network, the AirShield solution easily scales from single-site to enterprise-wide deployment.

Complements Existing IT Security Investments

The AirShield solution complements existing security investments to implement multi-layered security. Export data from the AirShield solution into security information and event management (SIEM) systems, or network security policy management systems.

Minimizes Technology Risks

The AirShield solution delivers its benefits regardless of current or future devices, protocols, or radio frequencies used.

Adapts to Changing Business Requirements

The AirShield solution flexibly adapts as enterprises innovate, or re-engineer their business processes to leverage wireless and IoT technologies.

The AirShield Solution: Enterprise Benefits

Maximizes Revenue

Proactively address vulnerabilities and reduce the risks of revenue disruption from security incidents. Isolate and contain attacks, while the enterprise production network remains safe and available to continue business operations.

Reduces the Costs of Security Management

Demonstrate compliance and effective controls. Identify and evaluate vulnerabilities, plan or measure the progress of risk reduction programs, or support security audits to validate security investments.

Protects Intellectual Property and Brand

With proactive vulnerabilty resolution, protect intellectual property, customer data, and the investments in company brand, reputation, and trust and goodwill.

Delivers SaaS Benefits

Enjoy wireless security services with low cost of entry, predictable costs, and fast time-to-value.

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