P25CleanRF Real-time Monitoring of Project 25 Communications

The P25CleanRF™ solution for the government sector performs real-time monitoring to verify the operational efficiency and effectiveness of P25 (APCO-25) emergency communications in buildings or in the field so that first responders can connect and communicate reliably and securely during critical events.

Reliable, Secure Communications for Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Public Safety radio communications is the critical lifeline that links first responders in the field to their dispatchers, incident commanders, or colleagues. Reliable and secure communications is essential to the safety of first responders and their efficient and effective delivery of emergency services. Communications managers want systems that provide first responders with reliable and secure communications, and interoperate between multi-vendor systems.

The P25CleanRF Solution

The P25CleanRF™ solution is the first cloud-based, real-time radio monitoring solution that independently validates the operational efficiency and effectiveness of mission-critical, emergency communications. Continuous, proactive, real-time monitoring for unusual activities or traffic ensures the security, reliability, and availability of the network for mission-critical communications.

Through continuous, proactive monitoring, the P25CleanRF solution verifies the availability and reliability of data and voice to confirm system reliability and operational readiness. It validates interoperability among multi-vendor systems to support multi-agency and mutual-aid public safety operations. It confirms the privacy and security of communications. The system can also verify the effectiveness of communications in weak-signal areas to verify compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA-72) code.

Advantages and Benefits

Current P25 communication systems rely upon the network infrastructure itself to alert communications managers of any radio interference or network outages. In contrast, the P25CleanRF solution’s radio frequency scanning and monitoring independently verify the availability, reliability, and operational readiness of emergency communications.

The P25CleanRF solution is easy to deploy, and system monitoring devices are remotely manageable. Detection of communication network failures can include automatic fallback to the P25CleanRF solution’s 4G LTE backhaul to maintain lifeline service. The system also provides interfaces (APIs) to communicate monitoring data to radio network management solutions for alerts, further analysis, and communications management.

As a cloud-based solution, the P25CleanRF system adapts to transitioning communications standards. It provides a low cost of entry, predictable ongoing costs with low additions, and fast time-to-value.

Key Functions

P25CleanRF audits P25 communications to perform:

Radio frequency (RF) jamming detection

Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) mapping

Signal Quality Mapping

Encrypted communication streams validation

System degradation trends reporting

Control Channel Validation

Easy-to-use interface

Email and text alerts

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