AIRSHIELD– Eliminate the Security Blind Spot.

AIRSHIELD for Enterprise

Enterprises are experiencing a significant increase in new, connected IT and IoT devices within the workplace. Although the Internet of Things (IoT) provides increased productivity, it comes with certain risks. With 80% of new IoT deployments being wirelessly connected, not wired, wireless is the new network and new attack surface. This lack of built-in security controls, coupled with the fact the software updates and patch management are restricted, increases the attack surface for cyberattacks.

Protecting Organizations from IT and IoT Security Risks

Visibility beyond the network

Wireless is the new network. With over 80% of edge devices and sensors connected wirelessly, your enterprise needs the next generation security beyond the wired network

Granular Device insights and control

AIRSHIELD continuously monitors an air space gathering information and behavior about devices, their connections and risk factors, classifying their purpose and more.

It also offers complete control over the device at all times.

Instantaneous protection and integration

AIRSHIELD is installed in minutes, and is working almost instantaneously. It is easily integrated with your existing SIEM software, and can deliver anomalies and alerts for your real-time resolution.

Invisible Threats, Visible Protection

As IoT endpoints provide an ever-expanding attack surface being exploited by hackers, companies need a wireless monitoring solution that provides immediate visibility and cyber protection for both information technology and operational technology networks.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling)

Wireless Thumb Drivers

Voice Assistants

Surveillance Cameras


Smart TVs

Wireless Printers

Spy Cameras

Rogue Cell Towers

Proven When It Matters Most

Identified data-center risk from new wireless thermostats following unbeknown HVAC upgrades prior to exploit and potential for overheating entire data-center

Automated remote wireless troubleshooting at an International Airport uncovering bandwidth issues, root cause, and missed SLAs by service provider

Uncovered multiple risks for hospitality casino including spy cameras, drones, misconfigured Smart TVs, and unconfigured wireless thermostats and surveillance cameras

Enumerated multiple risks for a large hospital allowing the institution to ensure ongoing HIPAA and GDPR compliance and prevent a breach


802 Secures AIRSHIELD is an autonomous and non-intrusive wireless monitoring solution that provides immediate visibility and protection across IT, IoT and IIoT Cyber Physical Systems environment.


Cloud Enabled

AIRSHIELD is tied to the Cloud providing Real-Time IoT Threat Analytics on a 7 x 24 basis, so whether at 2 am or 2 pm any deviation of policy or unacceptable IoT vulnerability conditions that are found, AIRSHIELD will detect, assess and mitigate risk.

With 802 Secures WiFi Interrogator, AIRSHIELD will give you more actionable intelligence on a 802.11 Access Point. Through Advance Forensics, AIRSHIELD will tell you when it first appeared, how long it was in your environment, most importantly what client devices have connected to it.

Orchestration of Ecosystem

Connect Actionable IoT data and events to your SIEM, Network Orchestrator or deliver events directly to your Slack channel to respond to events such as drone activity, spy camera detected in your airspace, rogue cellular towers, or other policy violations.


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With 80% of loT devices now wirelessly connected, not wired, wireless is now the new network and new attack surface.
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Download data sheet
The sheer volume of loT endpoints is proving to be a cybersecurity
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Threat research

Leverage wireless deep packet inspection, situational awareness, zero trust, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis to protect your infrastructure from wireless and IoT wireless threats.

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Our technology partners work with us to provide immediate visibility and cyber protection for both information technology and operational technology networks.

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