Protect your Healthcare Organization from Wireless and IoT Risks

The increase of IoT devices poses a new, modern challenge to the healthcare industry as 95% of IoT devices are wirelessly enabled. From medical devices like heart monitors, x-ray machines, MRI/fMRI machines, and infusion pumps, the proliferation of these IoT devices have expanded the attack surface for data breaches and security hacks. In fact, according to Gartner, 25% of healthcare attacks/data breaches will originate from IoT devices by 2020. Perhaps even more frightening are the implications of malicious actors gaining control of patient health and safety devices, which could ultimately threaten the life of a patient. 

802 Secure’s AirShield™ delivers wireless and IoT wireless security to enable Healthcare Institutions to overcome challenges that include:

  • Lack of wireless and IoT asset management 
  • Discover Shadow IT & IoT that post a risk to ePHI 
  • Nearby wireless and IoT risks and threats 
  • New wireless IoT protocols and frequencies 
  • Unknown wireless security posture 
  • Wireless ePHI data loss and breaches 
  • Cause of wireless and IoT disruptions and performance issues 

802 Secure’s AirShield™ Key Benefits 

Discovers and Categorizes wireless medical devices, IoT, and networks to create a wireless asset inventory 

Identifies Shadow IoT, and unmanaged devices and networks within your facility

Risks Monitors the IoT and wireless security posture to avoid ePHI data loss and ensure HIPAA compliance

Wireless and IoT monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure reliability of the wireless network

Detects and Prevents attacks through wireless termination and deceptive networking to prevent breaches

Deploys in minutes, no network connections, off-network passive wireless monitoring in the cloud