Protect your brand with a powerful IoT security solution.

Comprehensive monitoring, reliable Cyber Physical security.

Today’s retailers are using IoT and wireless connections as their main network to manage stores in different locations. These technologies, while they provide various competitive advantages, increase the attack surface for hackers.

Wireless technologies are prone to Shadow IoT and other Cyber Physical threats. To protect your wireless devices and networks, enable greater control and insight into new IoT and wireless risks. Invest in smart technology that helps you make invisible threats visible and overcome the talent gap through an automated and non-intrusive solution for enforcing Cyber Physical Systems security.

AIRSHIELD for Retail

AIRSHIELD protects your organization from wireless and IoT wireless threats using wireless deep packet inspection, situational awareness, zero trust, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis.

Asset Visibility and

Asset Configuration Management and Security Posture Monitoring

Remote Wireless Performance and Reliability Troubleshooting and Alerting

Risk Management and Compliance including PCI, HIPAA, and NIST

Data Loss Protection and protection against breaches

Attack Detection and Zero Trust Policy Violations

Threat Mitigation through Air Isolation and Deceptive Networking

Incident Response and Forensics through DVR-like capabilities

Bottom Line Benefits

AIRSHIELD’s Cyber Physical Systems Security visibility across IT and OT helps improve your organization’s bottom line. Here’s how we help you deliver intrinsic value with AIRSHIELD:

Protect the wireless WiFi 6 and 5G mobile edge by providing visibility into the IoT security blind-spot through passive monitoring of the airwaves.

Accelerate wireless troubleshooting and optimize the performance of your wireless networks to prevent threats and avoid downtime.

Scan and identify wireless devices and networks in your airspace to bring out the needles in the haystack and stack-rank the risks across IT and OT networks, as well as Shadow IoT.

Invisible Threats. Visible Detection.

Integrate AIRSHIELD into your critical infrastructure so you can:


Protect your critical infrastructure against misconfigurations, Shadow IoT, unknown and unmanaged IoT devices, and previously undetected wireless attacks


Move away from wired-centric security approaches towards solutions that give real insights and responses to this new world.


Accurately quantify wireless and IoT risks — even before a breach or security incident occurs — so you can take a proactive stance on security.


AIRSHIELD – Eliminate the Security Blind Spot.

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